• Beinbauer Group

    By on 15. Januar 2018

    Beinbauer is a leading system supplier for high-precision parts and components for the heavy truck, construction and agricultural machinery…

  • Toga Food

    By on 14. Januar 2018

    TOGA Food SA was established in 1981. Today, the company ranks among the most important importers of baking and…

  • Helvita

    By on 13. Januar 2018

    Helvita operates several modern residential homes for the elderly across Germany. The market for elderly homes is in spite…

  • Vivonio

    By on 12. Januar 2018

    Vivonio furniture group combines seven furniture manufacturers and represents the leading buy-and-build platform in the German furniture manufacturing segment….

  • LKE

    By on 11. Januar 2018

    LKE is a provider of specialized, innovative transportation equipment solutions, intra-logistics solutions for optimizing internal material flows as well…

  • FSG

    By on 10. Januar 2018

    FSG is the worldwide market leader in the development and manufacture of RoRo (“roll-on roll-off”) ferries. FSG also has…

  • tedrive

    By on 9. Januar 2018

    tedrive was an automotive supplier with 80% sales directly and indirectly to Ford for steering systems, halfshafts and differentials….

  • Pallhuber

    By on 8. Januar 2018

    Pallhuber, headquartered in Langenlonsheim in Germany, is the leading direct sales and direct marketing company for wine and high-quality…

  • solvadis

    By on 7. Januar 2018

    solvadis is one of the most important partners for the chemicals and chemical-processing industry in the distribution of specialty…

  • Buderus Guss / Duktus

    By on 6. Januar 2018

    Buderus Guss GmbH (today renamed as “Duktus Rohrsysteme Wetzlar GmbH”) was a wholly owned subsidiary of Buderus AG, which…